Friday, September 9, 2011

Another MIND games from Sir Alex..!!

To deflect attention from Manchester United's promising start to the 2011/12 Barclays Premier League season, Sir Alex Ferguson has audaciously claimed that there will be six teams competing for this year's title.

Surely Fergie Is Having A Laugh
There aren't too many occasions where the Gaffer has been proven wrong with his predictions, especially with how the league will play out, but this time he looks to be a bit foolish with his statements.

Yes, no Premier League trophy has ever been won in August, but with some of the results from the month, it would take a foolhardy person to honestly think that any team outside of Manchester or South London has a realistic chance of winning it.

Sir Alex predicts Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham to possibly challenge United for the most coveted piece of silverware in England. But, more than likely, it will be another two - possibly three - horse race come May.

Like it or not, City looks to be the main challenger as they have look very decent to start the season, but Chelsea cannot be written off, either.

In an interview with Sky Sports News HD, Ferguson claimed that there will be three teams from the London area and three teams from the northwest that will eventually have their hands on the title.

"I think you could say that five or six teams will be involved. It's a really, really difficult league to win. It's a league that if you look at it, in the south you have the London teams like Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea and then you have ourselves, Manchester City and Liverpool in the north."

In that interview, he also indicated the secret that has made him and Manchester United so successful over the last 25 years, as well.

"You have to try and build teams that will last for a few years. We have done that quite successfully over the years. This is another example of trusting the young players and giving them opportunities."

Having the vision and trusting your players - young or experienced - are the two major components that will separate the six clubs, which should be Manchester United. 
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